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My name is Karelle Bramucci and I am the president of Bramucci Produits Fins. We provide premium products to many top restaurants in both Quebec and Ontario. We would welcome the opportunity to present our products lineup to your organization. Bramucci Produits Fins specializes in items such as caviar, fresh biological Canadian sturgeon, foie gras, duck, truffles, lamb, porcelet and a wide variety of antipasto. Our clientele is mostly comprised of high end restaurants, cruise boats, private jets and country clubs. 



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Hotel & Restaurant & Golf

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Private Jet & cruise boat



For the past 15 years, Bramucci produit fins has been the distributor of high-end gastronomic products. We specialize in refined meats, fish and vegetables provided by provinces in Canadian & European farms. These products were made for food lovers, served by top chefs in the world the likes of which propels you to another dimension. Let Bramucci produits fins be part of your creation !